niqotin, addicted to IT, provides information technology solutions. Using conceptual structures and rigorous analysis have fully blown niqotin to the pathway of GROWTH.

Successful professionals take charge by striving to stay contemporary. niqotin believes in professional networking, because IT knows IT works.

niqotin has refined its services through the lens of practicality for the end users.

To lead to the industrial credentials and certificates, niqotin has launched its techno- products and services to the local future with global features.

Innovations and improvements have been expressed without a major disruptive change from its being india intellect into niqotin.

In par with competition and compatibility niqotin targets its customers in its own way of retention through delight.

Product integration and project initialization are the major cut-offs of the business. niqotin takes a micro-view on emphasizing its solutions to the end users with group dynamics, communication and a perspective enhancement theory.

A secret dream of niqotin is to take courage to originate and not imitate. Head in the right direction to realize our dream. The individuals behind the cluttered marketplace maintain customer loyalty which does magic to success today and everyday.

Knowledge conversion with sustained growth will speak off the bootstrapped success story of niqotin.

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