niqotin develops products which suit the small and medium enterprises in greater perspective. When the world is inching towards virtualization and more and more applications move to the ‘clouds’, still there is necessity to develop simple but powerful products to help SME’s in developed and developing nations irrespective of their language.

Here comes niqotin. Rural ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning application for businesses to manage their entire workflow starting from Production to Sales, Supply Chain to Customer Raltionship, Managing HR to Quality Management, Point-of-Sale to Business Intelligence, Service Management to Financial Management and Export-Import to Infrastructure Management. Rural ERP is the World's First Indian Language Cloud ERP specifically developed for Rural MSMEs. We develop products that reside on the cloud and can be used on-demand or pay per usage. The world call it as a SAAS, software-As-A-Service. Our products target various verticals like manufacturing, services, real estate, education, publishing, software & hardware, FMCG etc and can be integrated with existing systems in any Indian languages. The products ranging from customer relationship management to recruitment services, server management to publishing manager, education portal to search services and mobile sales automation to web apps.


Social Cloud ERP for Micro and Small Enterprises with Content, Community and Commerce apps to improve the Process, Productivity and Profit


Customer Relationship Management app for MSMEs.


Human Resource Management app for MSMEs.


Supply Chain Management app for MSMEs.


Point-Of-Sale app for MSMEs.

Product Lifecycle Management app for MSMEs.


Quality Management System app for MSMEs.


Financial Management System app for MSMEs.


Multilingual Help Desk System for MSMEs.


Export Import Management System App for Rural MSMEs.


A Marketplace for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

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