methodology refers to the techniques associated with the specific model – eliciting responses to the pre-determined questions, recording measurements, describing phenomena and performing experiments.

its aim is to help to understand, in the broadest possible terms, not the products of scientific enquiry but the process itself.

hence the process of 7i methodology presents niqotin’s normative and interpretive perspectives in a complementary light.

it is a pre-determined, pre-defined and a pro-active strategy in its progression.

formulation of creative ideas, by harnessing the power of thoughts to deliver the ultimate end result, say a product / service.

a paradigm shift of an idea / thought into a process / strategy, which profound innovation corresponding to every ideas to have a change of improved perception or a new insight to witness a quality product / service.

the source of intelligence that guides a bird in making its nest to sit on to keep them warm and hatch its produce, is the same one that leads to incubation of innovated products / services.

the potential inherent of an idea into a process is developed slowly without any outward or perceptible signs, are integrated to have a holograph effect of a product / service.

be it a sky-scraper, a bee’s hive, a bird’s nest or a spider’s web, the process of their coming into being is akin to the blossoming of a flower to the world. Hence the process of ideas developed is implemented as a product / service in the market.

on implementation, a “mind-imagery” is been presented with inevitable influence in the mindset of the prospective, targeted sector of the products / services.

counterpoise of success depends on the improvements made on faults to default. Thus, continual improvement leads to standardization of the products / services. Further into enhancement of new ideas and concepts.

success, whether corporate or personal, should be natural as a flower blooms naturally when in a right condition.

the 7i methodology is the naturally designed sophisticated gadget for niqotin’s success.

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